The Centre for Authentic Communication uses proven methods and expertise to support you to communicate with your Self, with each other, and with internal and external audiences.

The Centre for Authentic Communication was founded in Quebec City, Canada by Caroline-Anne Coulombe. The Centre operates on a global scale thanks to our Community of Associates, a growing team of individuals and organisations around the world who share in our values and align authentically with our purpose.

Caroline-Anne Coulombe

Caroline-Anne is a #transformer. A published author and accomplished writer, she is passionate about authentic communication and fuels this passion through a great appetite for connection.

Caroline-Anne Coulombe

She is a highly experienced communications strategist and content developer with over 25 years of communications and marketing experience on national and international scenes. She has spent over 10 years working in public health and risk and emergency communications including with the United Nations.

Caroline-Anne is also a global capacity-building expert skilled in needs assessments, training design, instructional design and curriculum development, e-learning, and training delivery in French and English.

Before moving to public health, Caroline-Anne supported the culture and tourism industry as an advocate for Francophone rights across Canada. She was publisher and editor-in-chief of a provincial newspaper as well as freelance journalist and writer among other things. Caroline-Anne holds a B.A. in French Literature and Writing from Ottawa University and has completed Masters’ Studies in Applied Health Services at Dalhousie University, specializing in qualitative research.

Caroline-Anne is a Certified Level 1 practitioner of Conscious Transformation Energy Practice and is currently in the certification process to become a trainer in the Conscious Transformation methodology.

Our vision

We hold a vision where individuals, communities and organisations are true to their Self, their purpose and their mandate and communicate this alignment with authenticity – simply and from the heart.

Our mission

The Centre for Authentic Communication serves organisations, communities and individuals to engage, transform, and communicate authentically.

Our values

At The Centre for Authentic Communication, we strive to embody the values in which we believe – in everything we do. We live for true connection between beings. We are passionate about being agents of communication and transformation. We engage authentically with our clients and their clients. We infuse creativity into the most challenging projects and situations. Our communication is from the heart – the only place where it can truly live as authentic. We approach every potential client, existing client, meeting, situation and project by asking: “How can I serve?” We respect all opinions, cultures and languages. And we work as a community, to create a greater sense of community.

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