Communicating with each other

Our need for connection

Many of us long for true connection with others. A Harvard study determined that connection creates happiness, financial earning power and good health. Social cognitive neuroscience tells us that being socially connected is essential to our survival.

We seek connection with others through many means, including technology. Even when we don’t actively seek connection, our jobs and life situations require us to be connected and to communicate with each other. We sometimes find that despite the best of intentions, our interactions do not yield the results we wish.

At The Centre for Authentic Communication, we can support you or your organisation to increase this sense of connection with others and, from that place, communicate authentically with each other.

Increasing connection through meditation

Meditation supports us in creating an authentic relationship with our Self. Studies have also shown that it can increase connection with others by increasing positive emotions, creating gains in social connection, growing compassion and expand empathy. Register here for a free online meditation practice by Conscious Transformation.

Communicating authentically with each other

Innergy2000 Ltd is a global training company, part of The Centre for Authentic Communication’s Community of Associates. Together, we offer a series of communications and management training courses that help foster connection and communication with each other:

  • interpersonal and group communication
  • cross-cultural communication and intercultural competencies
  • public speaking
  • presentation skills
  • listening skills
  • meeting skills
  • training-of-trainers
  • written communication
  • team building
  • people skills
  • conflict management
  • assertiveness skills