Communicating with our Self

Our relationship with Self

The most important relationship we have is with our Self. This relationship determines our relationship to others – and to the world. We create our reality based on it (yes!). Yet many of us don’t take the time to truly get to know our Self and to nurture that essential relationship we have with our mind, our emotions, our physical body and to connect with our spiritual Self.

The Conscious Transformation personal development system

We are not taught in school how to create and nurture an authentic relationship with our Self. Often, were are not taught at home either. Sure, through observation and experiences, we do create a relationship with our Self – but often, this relationship does not yield what we truly wish to experience. So how do we unlearn what doesn’t serve us, and learn to develop an authentic relationship with our Self?

With an effective method and tools, and simple sustainable practices.

Conscious Transformation is a system for personal development grounded in understanding and shifting the deep mental, emotional and physical patterns that keep us from reaching our potential and limit our ability to attain what we truly desire. Founded by Joey Klein, this system focuses on creating internal patterns that align with and propel us toward a new experience of life.

Aligning with Self: Conscious Transformation Energy Practice

Sometimes, we can feel like we are "off". "Off our game", "off track", going "off the deep end", or just "off". This can mean that we are not aligned. When we are aligned, we simply feel better. We notice that things happen more smoothly in our life, and that we get to enjoy them more fully.

Caroline-Anne, The Centre for Authentic Communication’s founder and director, offers Conscious Transformation Energy Sessions, which integrate the Higher Self with the mind, body, and emotions to create a greater sense of well-being and alignment. A certified practitioner (Level 1) of Conscious Transformation Energy Sessions, Caroline-Anne practices at The Centre’s headquarters in Quebec City and in various locations when she travels.

Contact Caroline-Anne for more information, pricing, and to make an appointment.

Daily meditation practice

One of the ways to nurture an authentic relationship with our Self and to align our mind, emotions and physical body with our Spiritual Self is through meditation.

Scientific studies show that meditating 20 minutes a day changes our brain and therefore transforms how we experience life: by increasing our mental clarity, enhancing our focus, cultivating emotional intelligence, and creating the ability to access a state of calm in any situation. Daily meditation also has several health benefits.

Register here for a free 9-week meditation practice, offered by Conscious Transformation.