Community of Associates

We believe in connection, and in connecting through community. Community makes us stronger. Community makes us better.

That’s why we created The Centre for Authentic Communication’s Community of Associates – a dedicated group of individuals and organisations who are all passionate about transforming how we communicate, and communicating to transform.

Community is about people, not geography. That’s why our Associates are located across the globe to better serve you. Community is about diversity. That’s why our many Associates specialize in a whole array of areas and services.

Our global Community of Associates currently stands at more than 20 individual consultants and firms, with a total of more than 350 people.

Full service communication firm

Learning and capacity-building experts

Media specialists

  • Jason Gale
  • Jules Caron
  • Ebba Kalondo

Public health consultants

  • Philip Davies
  • Tatiana Vorovchenko

Graphic design

  • Anne Guilloux
  • Erica Lefstad
  • Lisa Schwarb

Audio-visual and web specialists

Technical and copy-editing

  • Miriam Pinchuk
  • Rosemary Sudan
  • Rhonda Vandeworp

Interested in joining our Community? Send us a message.