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Communicating to transform

At the Centre for Authentic Communication, we are strong proponents of making complex information clear, simple and accessible to all audiences. We are also versed in risk communications and understand the importance of analysis and strategic thinking and framing of topics and issues. We appreciate our support role and always work collaboratively with the relevant partners and stakeholders.

The Centre for Authentic Communication offers practical approaches and methods to transform how you can:

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What we mean by authentic communication

Authenticity is a growing commodity. Have you noticed the increasing backlash faced by public figures who try to spin their negative acts in a positive manner? Or by the public agencies that don’t own up to mistakes or acknowledge that they don’t know everything in a changing environment?

There is a global movement towards authenticity, and authentic communication. But what does it mean to be authentic, and to communicate authentically?

Authenticity is being aligned with who we are - our personality, spirit and character - and expressing that through all aspects of our life: in our passions, in our work, and in all our relationships. Being authentic is in essence being true to our Self.

Communicating authentically means that our voice, whether written, spoken or energetic, and the means we use to express ourselves professionally and personally, reflect the intention we wish to manifest, and who we really are - s individuals, as communities, and as organisations.

It also means that we listen authentically to those we wish to reach and engage with – and take their communication preferences and habits into account when we express ourselves and engage with them. How can we say we really care if we don’t bother to share information and communicate in a way that is easily understood by our audiences?

Is everyone, and are all organisations ready for authenticity, and for authentic communication? No. But are there are enough of us to make a difference? We're counting on it.

Are you in?

Storytelling: a most authentic means of engagement

We are all wired for stories. For thousands of years, stories have been used to educate new generations, share key information with peers, and engage in meaningful conversations. While storytelling platforms have changed significantly, the impact of stories has not. For every project The Centre for Authentic Communication takes on, we get to the heart of the matter, and we create a narrative that truly reflects the story you want to tell.

Authentic organisations and communities are those that are true to their mission, vision and values, those whose activities are aligned with their purpose, those whose staff represent their mission, vision and values – truly, in their everyday work, not just in discourse or paperwork.

Communication strategies frame how organisations want to express themselves to the world and to their target audiences. The documents organisations produce and their communications products reflect their organisation’s purpose and authenticity.

In today’s world, individuals are devoting more time to uncovering their true purpose and finding concrete ways to express it in their everyday lives, whether it’s in their job or their hobbies. Organisations are spending more resources on reconnecting with what’s important and telling their story in a simpler, heart-centered and therefore authentic manner.